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Preventative Maintenance:

Mold- Ensure Moisture Level in house is kept to a minimum.  Mold thrives in homes with moisture, especially with concrete construction.  Using a dehumidifier in some cases can be extremely useful to help prevent mold growth.

Water Damage- Water damage can come from water buildup (when water around house is in higher quantities compared to drainage systems in place to prevent backup, causing flooding,) to prevent this ensure you routinely keep all drainage systems in the home clean.  Keeping gutters clear is one step that can make a great difference, clearing stagnant water if possible in areas effected works wonders as well.

Plumbing Issues- Keeping the lines clear of debris (hair, excess tissue, etc.) can go a long way in preventing plumbing issues, that and  keeping sinks unclogged is something to do as well.

Travel Tips: 

  • Remember to turn certain systems off when leaving your home for extended periods of time

​​Water Mitigation

Mold Remediation


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